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We have only native speakers and certified tutors


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We have only native speakers and certified tutors


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About Us is an international online educational platform for adults and children headquartered in Boston (Michigan, USA). The platform was created 6 years ago together with Boston University, the platform is accredited by the Higher Education Commission (NECHE). partners are: The British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and the International House World Organization. maintains a balance between university tutors and interactive tools allowing for real-time learning. University staff, led by Professor of Linguistics Will Tepler, oversees the work of the site's teachers. All of the site's teachers are carefully selected and the quality of the lessons and teaching materials is monitored. Our certified teachers not only teach - but also make sure that every student stays motivated, focused and quickly achieves results along the learning path.

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Victoria P.


Lessons with Anastasia are fun, interesting, and easygoing! The teacher is very patient with my daughter and creates interesting lesson plans that are suitable to her learning needs. She is a true professional and has a great approach to children. If she sees a child is tired, she always has fun and engaging stories to share, but at the same time they are helping to learn the language. It makes learning not forced and interesting. Highly recommend her.




I found my teacher. Mark is very organized and has chosen the course in such a way that we spend a lot of time speaking and discussing different topics. He also makes me read articles and work on grammar through exercises and assignments. if you want to improve your English level significantly - choose Mark!




Deisson is a fantastic teacher. He has a natural gift for teaching and can explain the most difficult things easily and understandably. The materials of the lessons are structured and have a clear purpose. He is incredibly patient, flexible, and makes every lesson fun and enjoyable. He easily finds the right approach to every situation! Without a doubt, Deisson is the best choice!




My 8-year-old son has been learning with Hugo for 12 lessons now and always looks forward to the next one. He always listens to Hugo with interest and does his homework, even the teachers at school have noticed progress. Hugo is the best teacher, his lessons are enjoyable and relaxed, oriented on my son's level. I truly believe that he can help us to achieve our goal. I am so grateful that this teacher found an approach for my son.




I'm glad I found such a great Spanish teacher! Adella presents grammar in a professional way, lessons are always interesting and easy to follow. Communication with my teacher is very easy going and even if I don't understand something Adella has a lot of patience to repeat and explain it again. I highly recommend her!




Kriss is a phenomenal teacher. I work in IT and need to improve my English level to communicate with foreign clients. Each class is structured and fun, and reminds hanging out with a friend. If you are serious about learning English, choose Kriss, you won't regret it, I assure you.


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Questions and answers

What methods do teachers use?

Our teachers will not only help you with grammar and new words, but also teach you to communicate fluently on topics that will be useful in real life or for career advancement. The student can immediately apply the material in practice and gain confidence in mastering a foreign language. All of our teachers are focused on the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology. The name implies learning to communicate. The teacher goes through all possible situations from real life with the student: vocabulary, common phrases, behavior. A person learns to communicate in English in everyday life. The popularity of the method is due to the fairly quick results - a person learns conversational clichés, basic sentence patterns, standard vocabulary and, in theory, should be able to communicate with native speakers on elementary topics. This method is also a good supplement to the basic study of grammar and rules.

I'm only interested in improving my speaking skills without learning grammar.

The specialists at our online university will find you an instructor who specializes in this area. In parallel with learning colloquial speech, the teacher in a playful way will set you the correct language turns. Without the need for "cramming").

What areas of study are there?

Oral speech and live communication, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. All depending on what your goals are? School curriculum, exams at different levels, travel, career development, etc.

How do you teach children?

Our experts will choose a teacher according to the age of the child, his/her personality type and language level. One of the main tasks of teachers is to create an interest in the child and make learning easy and interesting. We have teachers who specialize in teaching teenagers as well as teachers who specialize in teaching 4-6 year olds.

Who will teach me?

Learning a language is not just about following a curriculum. Teachers play a major role. All of our teachers are native speakers with extensive experience and professional training. They are specially trained and certified, so all lessons are effective and interesting.

How do I choose a teacher?

Each teacher has different teaching styles and unique teaching methods. At you can order a free trial lesson and then choose a teacher.

Is suitable for my language level?

Our platform has teachers who offer their services to students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Their curriculum is structured according to the CEFR. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is an internationally recognized system which describes the language skills level from A1 to C2 (where A1 is for beginners and C2 is most advanced).

Will I be able to make up my own study schedule?

Teachers live in different parts of the world and in different time zones. You can easily create a schedule that suits you, depending on the teacher's schedule. Learn a foreign language from anywhere, anytime.

Can I learn from different teachers?

Every language has different accents, dialects and expressions that vary from region to region. Our students practice with different teachers because in this way they learn different accents that they may encounter in real life. Thanks to this you will learn to speak a foreign language with confidence.

What is the difference between and a full-time language school?

The key difference from offline schools is the 1-on-1 lessons with a personal tutor. Our method is worth comparing with learning from a private tutor. But unlike a class with a tutor, who is not controlled by anyone, we have strict, constant monitoring by Boston University staff. Classes are taught according to methods developed by experts in the field of foreign language teaching.

Do I have to stick to one schedule?

Of course not! You can adjust your schedule to suit you. One day you can have a lesson at 7pm and another at 10am. That's why our students are switching to online foreign language instruction instead of traditional language instruction. You don't have to waste time on travel and stick to a strict schedule. Make your own schedule that works for you!

What software do I need?

It's easy! You need a reliable Internet connection and a computer/smartphone.

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