• The international educational company under the direction of linguistics professor Will Tepler is focused on 24-hour online courses for adults and children.
  • is not just an educational platform, it is, first of all, active people, real experts in their profession. It's a team of associates, each of them is constantly developing both personal and professional.
  • Since its foundation has significantly expanded its training courses programs, and at the moment on the educational services market we take the first place, and more than 95% of our students recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Over the years of teaching students of different age groups we have identified both positive and negative aspects of various educational moments. Today we have taken into account the main wishes of students and offer a modern approach to learning, focused on people who want to get fast, efficient, and most importantly quality results.

Our management team


Bobby Fisher

Executive Chairman - Global


Jim McGowan

Chief Executive Officer - Global


Javier Boshoff

Academic Director


Amanda Davis

Deputy Academic Director


Will Tepler

Professor of Linguistics

We focus on the important things


5 reasons to choose

  1. Certified teachers. Teachers of all courses have appropriate certificates certifying the right to conduct classes. This is a guarantee that you will really get the knowledge necessary for successful knowledge, employment and further career growth. And the classes themselves will be not only effective, but also interesting.
  2. The quality of education. The online format is not inferior to the quality of face-to-face teaching because we take the selection process of our teaching staff seriously. We use multi-level testing of teachers and specialized quality control of training programs for compliance with educational standards.
  3. Convenient training format. Lessons are available in an individual online course format with a student-friendly schedule. The student communicates directly with the teacher, who sees the listener's screen and corrects errors. The training also includes homework check, feedback from the teachers on current issues and consultations in a personal WhatsApp chat.
  4. Flexible class schedule. Students residing in another country and time zone are taught at a time and place that is convenient for them. Classes can be held without discontinuing core studies or work activities.
  5. Internationality. A unique opportunity to study directly with native speakers without having to leave your country, and for teachers to provide quality training around the world.

Our business concept

  • The main focus of is the development of educational activities and the creation of a system of online education, where everyone gets access to the resources of our platform by using modern information technology.
  • is designed to unite those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and are ready to devote their lives to constantly grow, develop and change the world around them for the better.
  • Supported by a team of academic and technical online educators at Boston University, our mission is to use cutting-edge technology to create a fundamentally better way to learn. 
  • As an educational company, we strive to make a positive contribution to the global community through key partnerships, including being a trusted provider of language and educational services.

The benefits of training

  1. Certified teachers. Our teachers and facilitators have a university degree in linguistics and pedagogical experience. Their professionalism is also confirmed by international certifications. For example, all of our linguists are native speakers, have a university degree and hold TEFL or TKT certificates for teaching English.
  2. Individual approach. All teachers on the platform adapt to each student's needs, and tailor their teaching materials to specific tasks. We offer packages with different numbers of classes, and the training time can be selected individually.
  3. High quality of teaching. The multilevel teacher selection and supervision process is overseen by an expert study board, headed by Professor of Linguistics Will Tepler. The council conducts a supervisory audit, including interviews, and quarterly testing in all instructional areas. Such a scheme ensures continuous quality control of the education and high performance of the students.
  4. Programs for Children. We, as a unified system of education, which dynamically develops and focuses exclusively on the world standards of teaching quality not only for adults, but also for children. Our teachers don't just give knowledge to young students, but help to deepen the subject and interest a child to study, training communication skills and flexibility of thinking.

How we work

  1. Online Format. Online learning combines all the factors for effective lessons. A wide range of specialized courses, the opportunity to practice with teachers from anywhere in the world - no boundaries, only quality training.
  2. Free trial lesson. A demonstration of the first lesson focused on both the teacher and the student. The teacher conducts an oral interview, determines the level of knowledge and recommends the most appropriate course of study. For the student this is a unique opportunity to get acquainted within 30 minutes, to select the teacher based on the schedule and learning objectives, interests, or by temperament, gender and age. 
  3. Flexible schedule. Classes are designed to fit the student's daily schedule. Want to sign up for a private lesson at 03:00? No problem. You get the knowledge, save your time, adjust the intensity of lessons to suit you, and enjoy learning.
  4. Convenient way to pay. We tried to provide a variety of payment methods, so that financial issues do not stand in the way of training. In addition, our financial manager is ready to provide any assistance in the process of paying for classes.
  5. Online support. We are always open for communication, if necessary, you can always contact us on the available contacts of the platform, and through WhatsApp directly to the head of the company. Our managers are available seven days a week from 9:00 to 21:00. Whatever the question of our students, we respond promptly to any request.
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